Colorado Drone Racing

We are a MultiGP chapter in Colorado. Register at to fly with us, and we’ll see you on race day.

What is 'The Other Guys'?

The Other Guys is a chapter of MultiGP in Colorado. MultiGP is an authentic drone racing league for first-person view (FPV) radio-controlled aircraft focused on pure competition and community. We welcome pilots and organizers of all skill levels to participate and help grow our sport.

We not only foster friendly competition among all age groups, we also promote learning through STEM. We educate and inform the general public about current regulations and restrictions on the use of sUAS to better inform them and make our skies safer for everyone. We seek to dispel the current stigma round “drones” and the unwarranted fear many have, while experiencing the magic of flight while standing on your own two feet.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Join our Facebook Group to stay in touch with the community, we’re over 1000 members strong. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, everyone is willing to help you out. We all know this hobby is a bear at first.
  2. Register and create a profile on the MultiGP website.
  3. Add Quad(s) to your profile, you’ll need to pick one to sign up for a race. Click on “Add Aircraft” in the top left, or the plus symbol next to “My Hangar” when viewing your profile.
  4. Join The Other Guys Chapter.
  5. If we have a race scheduled you’ll be able to click the “Join” button next to it under Events.
  6. Show up and rip! It’s best to be there early.

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